How did you get your name?

After arguing over everything from the Saline Yellow Jackets to the Saline Sting, our founder suggested the first name all of us were pretty much good with: Saline Singularity.

What is a singularity?

A singularity is a point at which technology causes humanity to undergo an irreversible and profound change. The internet is a good example of something that has caused a singularity in the past, and many believe artificial intelligence will cause one in the future!

How did your first year go?

Well, everyone survived with all their fingers, toes, and most of their sanity. We learned a lot in our rookie year, and if there's anything we can recommend to rookie teams it's this: be organized in all senses of the word and in all parts of the season!

What are you hoping to accomplish in the future?

We're hoping to be able to expand our program even further in order to reach more kids and introduce them to the FIRST program. We also want to make our team as efficient and organized as possible, which will come with time.

Why don't you make your name the Stingularity?

Yeah... probably not. We're flying above bad puns.