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STEM Education Day

In August of 20222, Singularity was invited to be part of STEM Education run by Kettering University at Michigan International Speedway. There, we represented STEM and robotics at a high school level. Members got experience networking with sponsors and presenting our team to interested members of the community.

Working With FLL Team

In May of 2022, a few Singularity students helped out at an FLL camp that was being run in Saline. For the last session of the camp, we brought our 2022 robot to show the students where FIRST and robotics could take them.

Gift Basket Challenge Donation

Saline Singularity donated a basket to Saline Area Social Service's Gift Basket Challenge at the 2022 Spring Craft Show. Sticking to the theme of engineering and robotics, we made the food we donated into the shape of Wally. Our creative basket won second place in the challenge.

2022 Saline Competition

In 2022, Singularity hosted the first-ever FRC competition in Saline. 40 teams and 2500+ people from around the state came to compete. We got many comments on how well-run the event was and how well suited for a competition Saline High School is for such an event. Additionally, we saw many members of the Saline community there, enjoying the event and learning about robotics and STEM. This was a great way to show the community about FIRST and to show the visiting schools that Saline is serious about STEM. Overall, both the school and FIRST in Michigan were happy with the event.

Chamber of Commerce Presentation

In 2022, Singularity students were invited to present to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce about the FRC competition that was being hosted in Saline and the opportunities it would provide for local businesses.

2021 Saline Homecoming Parade

In the fall of 2021, Singularity marched in Saline's annual Homecoming Parade. We also wheeled our 2021 robot in the parade!

Presenting to Atria Park Retirement Community

In 2021, Singularity students presented to a group of seniors at Atria Park, a retirement community in Ann Arbor. The presentation was held over Zoom and talked about the impacts of robotics and how STEM and robotics would continue to influence the future. Although the presentation was virtual, the seniors were attentive and asked good questions.

2021 Saline Scarecrow Competition

In 2021, Saline Singularity competed in the annual Saline Scarecrow Competition. We built a robotic Beast to fit the theme of fairy tale characters and put him up in downtown Saline. We won the Popular Vote category.

Mask Ear Savers

In the spring of 2020, when the lockdown was still in place, dedicated Singularity students 3D-printed mask ear savers, like the ones shown in the picture, to donate to local healthcare workers. Overall, a few hundred ear savers were printed and donated.

School Board Presentation

Each year, Saline Singularity joins Saline's FTC and FLL teams in presenting to the Saline Board of Education. This is our chance to show the Board what we do and how FIRST robotics and STEM are growing in Saline. The presentation is mainly done by students with students from 4th to 12th grade presenting.

Working With FTC Team

Throughout the 2019-2020 season, members of Singularity regularly helped at the meetings of the Hornet Hackers and the Cybugs, the two FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams in Saline. We helped guide students with new ideas for improving their robot for the world competition and with suggestions for the pushbots they were making.

2020 Singularity Open House

At the end of the Infinite Recharge build season, Singularity invited our sponsors, parents, and administrators to come and see our robot. This was a great way for our everyone to see what we had accomplished in our six-week build season.

2019 Saline Fair

In 2019, Saline Singularity competed in the Saline High School Club Showcase at the Saline Fair. Among the many clubs there, we placed first.


Saline Singularity is very proud to have hosted a number of workshops promoting STEM to the community. We have hosted general recruiting workshops and an all-girls workshop All of our workshops are hands-on including activities such as learning to solder, building a sturdy tower, coding with Raspberry Pis, and designing CAD models. Additionally, we invite speakers from engineering careers to show students all of the opportunities that are available in STEM.


In the summers of 2017 and 2018, Saline Singularity worked with team 6101, Strange Quarks, from Ann Arbor to run Q27. This workshop was for FIRST LEGO League students and focused on teaching basic STEM principles while having fun. Students participated in an egg drop, making a chemical reaction, and building a working robot. The day was finished off with demonstrations from both FRC teams' robots.