Team History

Saline Singularity was founded by senior Rahul Chamarthi in late 2013. Since 2013, it has grown to include around 30 students each year. While we are not the largest FRC team, we pride ourselves on being student-run. Below are summaries of each season that Singularity has competed in.

2023 Charged Up

In 2023, Singularity successfully hosted the second FRC competition in Saline! At our first event in  Jackson, Singularity placed 7th of 40 teams, was the 5th alliance captain, competed in the quarterfinals, and received the Industrial Design Award. In the Saline event, we made it to the semifinals as part of the 4th alliance. Additionally, 2023 was the year when Singularity restarted our season open house and workshops.

2022 Rapid React

2022 was a big year for Singularity. We hosted the first-ever FRC competition in Saline and it was a huge success! In Saline, we made it to the semifinals. At our second competition in Walled Lake, we competed in the quarterfinals and received the Judges Award for our team wiki and scouting app.

2021 Infinite Recharge at Home and Game Design Challenge

The 2021 season was unique for new and old members alike. The Game Design Challenge was something none of us had ever done, but we embraced it. As a team, we created FIRST SplashDown which won the Imagery Award. We also implemented a swerve drive-train for our robot which we had wanted to do for years, but had never had the time. 

2020 Infinite Recharge

In 2020, Singularity attended only one event before the season was stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In that event at Macomb Community College, we were a backup team and ended up competing with Alliance 1 in the finals. Even during the lockdown, Singularity’s outreach and dedication to STEM never stopped. Some of our dedicated team members created and printed mask ear-savers which the team donated to local health care workers.

2019 Deep Space

In the 2019 season, Singularity competed at Belleville and Lincoln in 2019. At Belleville, we were chosen by the Fourth Alliance and competed in the quarterfinals. In Lincoln, we were picked by Alliance 1 and once again competed in the quarterfinals.

2018 Power Up

In 2018, Singularity attended two qualifying competitions, one in Gibraltar and one in Lincoln.

2017 Steamworks

For the 2017 season, Singularity attended three qualifying competitions. At our first event of the season, Ann Arbor Pioneer, Singularity was chosen by Alliance 4 and won the event! At our second event in East Kentwood, Singularity won the Gracious Professionalism Award. In our final qualifying event at Shepherd, Singularity made it to the quarterfinals and received the Industrial Design Award for our innovative, modular drive-train. Singularity's performance during the Steamworks season earned us a spot at the Michigan State Championship for the very first time in our history. At States, we were awarded the Industrial Design Award in our division, once again for our drive-train.

2016 Stronghold

In 2016, Singularity created the robot, Franklin, to compete in Stronghold. We competed in Waterford and Livonia, making it to the finals at Livonia as part of the Alliance 2.

2015 Recycle Rush

In Recycle Rush, Singularity competed in two qualifying events (Bedford and Livonia), making it to the quarterfinals at Bedford and receiving the Innovation in Control Award at Livonia for our newly created recordable autonomous program.

2014 Aerial Assist

In 2014, Singularity competed at two events (Bedford and Livonia), making it to the quarterfinals in Bedford and the semifinals in Livonia with an assist robot that was voted to be the best at assisting by another team.