Saline Singularity is split into six subteams (mechanical, electrical, programming, CAD, business, and scouting) that work as a whole to create a robot and run the team each year.


The mechanical subteam builds the physical robot. They learn how to use different machines and tools such as CNC router to proto-type and create the parts which they then assemble. A lot of mechanical is about critical thinking and learning how to quickly change things.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

The CAD team works closely with the mechanical team to model each part of the robot. Using Onshape, they create assemblies of the entire robot and individual components that guide the mechanical team in the building of the robot.


The electrical team is responsible for the control of all electrical and pneumatic systems on the robot. The electrical team also shares the responsibility for the management of the machine shop.


The programming team codes all of the functions of the robot. Using Java, members program the robot to operate both autonomously and under human control. Members need to work with teammates and use critical thinking skills to solve the challenges encountered every day.


The business subteam helps run the team. Singularity is primarily student-run, so business handles the team finances and outreach, including planning any workshops that we host and reaching out and presenting to our sponsors. They also communicate with parents throughout the season and create the season logo which goes on all team merchandise. Additionally, business completes the submitted awards for the year and makes the different handouts for competitions.


As our scouting lead says "Scouting!"

Every year the scouting subteam creates an app to collect performance data on all matches. The Saline Singularity Superior Scouting System See-er Service, SSSSSSS (should sound like a dying snake when pronounced properly), is a service provided by FIRST Robotics Competition team number 5066, Singularity, from Saline MI. It is a viewer or "see-er" that allows the user to view scouting data collected in the stands by our team for any competitions that 5066 attends. This information is available to anyone patient enough and shows the average points scored by each team and where they score the most points. This allows any team to use our data to strategize. The scouting team also does other projects like making our team wiki and team sign-in.