Saline Singularity


This site is for the Saline Singularity FIRST Robotics Competition Team 5066 from Saline, Michigan.

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Why should I join robotics?

The SHS FIRST Robotics Competition team provides students with real-world experience in STEM, business and outreach, and management of our student-run team of over 30 people. Students are tasked with building a robot from scratch in just 6 short weeks to compete with other teams in an exciting and unique competition each year. Students have the opportunity to work on various aspects of the engineering design process, including mechanical, electrical, programming, CAD (computer aided design), scouting, and our business & outreach team. In FIRST, however, it's about more than robots. Students also participate in various outreach activities to promote STEM in the community and spread the ideas of FIRST, including Gracious Professionalism and Co-operation. Beyond just the experience in STEM, students will gain access to a wealth of opportunities and college scholarships available to FIRST alumni at colleges around the country.