Fall Robotics Workshop

Thank you for your interest! Any new members interesting in joining our team are highly encouraged to attend this workshop.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, October 5th from 10 AM - 4 PM in the Saline High School Large Hornet Hub

Please check out our schedule, flyer, and more below. The camp is open to current (2019 - 2020 school year) 9th - 12th grade Saline High School Students.


Please view our schedule and more information about the individual activities here. If you would like to see the schedule bigger, click the button in the top right corner.

Summer Girls Robotics Workshop - Schedule


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Who can attend?

The camp is open to current Saline High School Students. These students are eligible to join our robotics team. If you are a current student of Saline Middle School, check out the middle school robotics team. If you are a younger student or don't attend Saline Area Schools, there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved in robotics; please stay tuned for these on our website or email us at: [email protected]. We might be able to get you information about a robotics program at your school.

Do I have to join the robotics team to come to the event?

No. This workshop is designed to teach some of the basics of the robotics team and is a great, commitment-free way to see if you enjoy it. However, if you do enjoy it, please consider joining our team!

Where & When?

The Fall Robotics Workshop is being held in the Saline High School Large Hornet Hub (opposite the auditorium side of the commons) on Saturday, October 5th from 10 AM - 4 PM.

I'm not a SHS student. How can I get involved in robotics?

Even if you are not a Saline High School student, we would love for you to get involved in robotics! For Saline Middle School students, please check out the SMS robotics team at: https://salineftcrobotics.org/. If you would like to see if there is a FIRST robotics team at your school, please click here. Also, check back at our website in the spring as we have may more events planned in the future!

Do I need to have any prior experience in robotics to attend?

Nope! The camp is open to everyone, and we will teach you many of the skills needed to succeed on the Saline High School Robotics Team.

Do I need to bring anything to the camp?

Everything you need will be provided for the camp. For lunch, students can either bring lunch or $5 for pizza.

Other Questions? Please email [email protected]